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Submission Type Example of When a Submission Might Be Made
Availability The broadband service identified is not offered at the location, including a unit of a multiple dwelling unit (MDU).
Data Cap The only service plans marketed to consumers impose an unreasonable capacity allowance (“data cap”) on the consumer.
Location Is a Community Anchor Institution The location should be classified as a Community Anchor Institution (CAI).
Location Is Not a Community Anchor Institution The location is currently labeled as a Community Anchor Institution (CAI) but is a residence, a non-CAI business, or is no longer in operation.
Technology The technology indicated for this location is incorrect.
Business Service Only The location is residential, but the service offered is marketed or available only to businesses.

Note: Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) include schools, libraries, institutions of higher education, health clinics, health centers, hospitals or other medical providers, public safety entities, public housing organizations, and community support organizations.

Note: Submissions require supporting documentation. Please see the State of IL's reference material for evidence for guidance.

Questions and Assistance

The State of Illinois and Lake County are available to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the BEAD challenge process. For more information, contact: